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Meditation is a natural state; it arises on its own when you give it time.

Welcome to my website, designed to inform you of the Deep Meditation course I have been offering since 2005. This natural and effortless technique is rooted in the ancient Indian Vedic tradition, which was originally an orally transmitted teaching.

My intention is to spread the experience of inner peace by sharing this profound practise that works to bring about harmony between your body, mind and heart.

Through a daily practice, you will reap benefits in all aspects of life: your physical health and well-being, in your relationships, as well as in your work/studies. Thanks to the experience of pure consciousness, I have personally observed maximum results with minimum effort. Just as a gardener waters plants daily to harvest what nature offers, the spontaneous experience of pure consciousness during meditation allows the mind to dive into its source for a few minutes each day, and infuse its infinite creative intelligence into everyday activity. Anybody can learn it.

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by thought: its source, its power, its infinite quality. At age 9, based on a mystical experience and inspired by my grandmother’s wisdom, I practised, naturally and spontaneously, relaxation and breathing exercises, and had access to deep insights. In my early 20's I began to learn different mental techniques that took me towards the realization of my desires. These techniques continue to be very useful in raising consciousness of the happiness that lies within, facilitating my full enjoyment of life. I have since gradually brought yoga into my life: transformational mental and physical practises that led me to study and become an instructor.

I am grateful that this spontaneous meditation technique has been transmitted to me, bringing more harmony and freedom in my life. With me, you will have the opportunity to learn this technique in traditional fashion.

Feel free to read more details about my trainings and qualifications, explore the meditation course, check the upcoming events, or contact me.

This course is also offered in French and in Spanish.